• Sam

Social Media Blackout

I'm on hiatus. My groovy friend started a challenge to stay off all social media platforms for one week. We started on Monday. I'm on day 4. I have mixed emotions of my experience. I can clearly see I spend A LOT of time on social media. All of a sudden, I have found a lot of time on my hands. Not time in the sense that I can go out and do more, but time at home with my husband and girls, time to focus on self-growth, time to really think about life decisions.

Do I think social media is evil? No. This experience has taught me that social media can be a valuable tool and when used in healthy amounts, can be beneficial. I've been over here, wondering what all my friends are doing and having serious FOMO. ;)

I've also had more time to be present with life that is right in front of me. I definitely think when I return, I will learn to limit the amount of time I'm consumed online. We live in a technology driven world but thankfully, our handy-dandy smartphones also come with features to limit your screen time every day.

In all, I've been gone for 4 days and already made some major changes in my life. Is this how we evolve? Am I developing more awareness just by not being on social media? It sure feels like it. I encourage everyone to give this a try and document your experience. Have a good support system to get you through your addiction! I would not have made it this far without my support system.

Hang in there, social media world. I'll be back! In a new way :)

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